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Housewives on Prozac
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Hang up your dishrags and lose the fuzzy slippers, Joy Rose and her rollicking band of Housewives are blasting through yesterday's conservative stereotypes to bring you a brand new buoyantly creative sound.

With big hair, and lots of pink spandex Joy Rose, Kyleann Burtt, Donna Kelly, Jane Getter, & Susan Graham glitter in the HOUSEWIVES ON PROZAC lineup, rocking audiences since 1997 with a distinctive blend of rock, disco, and blues with original lyrics about domestically intriguing themes.

The music is upbeat and solidly rock influenced; Songs like, 'Fuzzy Slippers', 'Eat Your Damn Spaghetti', and 'I Don't Think Like My Mom Anymore', are sprinkled with a few memorable covers like; 'I Am Woman' and 'Harper Valley PTA'.

Housewives has two live album releases to their credit. 'No Prescription Required' and 'HOP LIVE!', as well as two original rock musicals: 'Shut Up And Drive' and 'The Housewife's Lament'. Housewives has been featured in The New York Times, LONDON TIMES, Wall St. Journal, Village Voice, PEOPLE Magazine, USA Today, Child Magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, The Daily News, MORE Magazine, Good Morning America, CNN and NPR.

Performances include: Giants Stadium , Girls Night Out Events, arts presenters, private parties, PRIDE Festivals, family festivals, fundraisers, rock venues, national radio and television.

Joy Rose, founded The MAMAPALOOZA FESTIVAL in NYC in 2002 and oversees the promotion and celebration of Mom-Rockers, Poets, Writers, Comics, Craftswomen, and Dancers nationally at this lively annual event which has expanded to include fifty events, with national sponsorship and counting. Additional info available: www.mamapalooza.com

Housewives isn't like any other act you've seen. Comprised of full-time working musicians with mother of four, Joy Rose leading the way, HOP Band is committed to honoring and cherishing heroic woman everywhere. Lead singer, songwriter and founder, Joy Rose is a LUPUS survivor and a kidney transplant recipient. She imbues her songs with a strong message of love, survival, and humor. Prepare yourselves for a colorful, intense and lively show.
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