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Danny Maseng
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Neshama Carlebach
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Born in Israel to American parents, Danny first came to the United States to star on Broadway in 'Only Fools Are Sad.' A playwright, actor, singer and composer, Danny has served as Evaluator of New American Plays/Opera-Musical Theater for the National Endowment For The Arts. Danny has also been the Director of Hava Nashira for the URJ, the Artisitic Director of the Brandeis-Bardin Instittute in California and the Director of The Spielberg Fellowships for the FJC. For the 2005-2007 season, Danny will also spend many weekends as the Artist-in-Residence at Temple Israel of Columbus, Ohio.

Danny's critically acclaimed off-Broadway musical "Wasting Time with Harry Davidowitz" The Musical Journey of a Jewish Soul and the dynamic "Soul on Fire" concert, are two exciting productions that have earned Danny accolades. "Let There Be Light" and "Song of Songs" are two new projects in the making along with Danny's first novel "Singularities."

Danny is also one of the most popular and respected composers of contemporary Liturgical and Synagogue music. He has been the invited guest of the American Conference of Cantors, the Cantor's Assembly, as well as the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. When Danny is not appearing on show's like Law & Order or narrating Wild Discovery, he is a frequent faculty member of The Wexner Heritage Foundation, Synagogue 2000, The Whizin Institute, Limmud and many other national and international institutes and conferences. A much sought after Scholar/Artist-in-Residence, Danny travels the world, inspiring, teaching and rekindling the love of Judaism through Torah, Kabbalah, Jewish culture and the arts.
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