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Danny Maseng
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Neshama Carlebach
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Neshama Carlebach
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"For audiences around the world, Neshama Carlebach is not only a great singer in her own right, but the reincarnation of a legend...Her concerts have the flavor of a spiritualist revival somewhere between Woodstock and the Western Wall."
The Globe and Mail, Toronto

"There is perhaps no figure in modern Jewish music as influential and beloved as the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. This presents his singer-songwriter daughter, Neshama, with a stark choice: embrace his legacy or shun it. Rather than turn her back on her musical inheritance, Neshama has chosen to don his mantle and personalize it. "As popular as her father was, his music rarely ventured beyond the bounds of the Jewish community. On Journey, without sacrificing any of his music's integrity or authenticity, Carlebach has found a way to make it appeal to audiences potentially far greater than those her father ever dreamed of reaching."
The Jewish Forward

“During a recent gig at Manhattan Showcase club The Bottom Line, Carlebach’s dark hued spiritually evocative soprano drew comparisons to the likes of Sheryl Crow and Linda Ronstadt, while the haunting melodies, glistening pop sophistication of her band’s arrangements, and religious nature of her material were reminiscent of Amy Grant”.
-Jim Bessman, Billboard Magazine

“Over the course of her five-CD career, Neshama Carlebach has emerged as one of the premier female singers in the genre of jazz/pop Jewish soul music. If that sounds like a big fish in a small pond, it is. But the daughter of the late Jewish mystic and music legend Shlomo Carlebach certainly inherited both the DNA and the pipes to dominate the field. Indeed, one need not even be Jewish to love the music of Neshama Carlebach, though after hearing her sing, one might want to be."
The San Francisco Jewish News

"These are songs of the spirit, freewheeling jazz and rhythms evocative of eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Neshama's got the needed vocal blend of chanteuse and cantor that both honors her father's legacy and puts her own stamp on the proceedings. Singing almost entirely in Hebrew (apart from switching to English on "Return Again" and intoning wordlessly on "Niggun Neshama"), Carlebach the younger embodies the ancient and modern resiliency of God's chosen with grace and power. Even so, she's not pointing fingers from any pulpit. Rather, the strength of these songs lies in their message of adherence to spirituality in the face of forces that would seek to shatter it. A work of grace and tranquility, very much welcome in a world with far too many axes to grind."
World Music Central

"Rabbi Carlebach said 'singing is like praying twice', and his daughter proves this statement with her fifth album. Her voice is heavenly, and even when she's singing in Hebrew, an undeniable feeling of positive love floats out of the speakers. We are a generation of cynics and doubters. For every twelve records you own by morally bankrupt artists, you deserve at least one Neshama Carlebach disc."

"When Neshama Carlebach sings, she brings a bit of heaven down to earth. She is a soul singer, lending a voice to the mystic spirituality that abounds with Judaism."
Washington Jewish Week

"Neshama is a miracle - because she is outside of the realm of the ordinary. She brings more light into the world whenever she sings. Like pulling down a little bit of heaven, to enjoy so sweetly here on earth. It doesn't matter how observant you are - it doesn't even matter if you are Jewish - what matters is that you open your heart when you listen to her music and her fathers music, and allow yourself to be blessed by it.”
Jewish Book Mall

"Neshama Carlebach is an artist of remarkable talent. Neshama's voice is as lovely as she, exotic and earthy, yet sophisticated and urbane. Journey serves as a testament to her enduring love for her father of blessed memory, affirming as well her rightful stature among the top echelon of Jewish performers."
Global Rhythm

“Neshama Carlebach - "Journey" - Neshama Carlebach returns with her fifth, and most mature album, to date. "Journey" is a striking album to say the least. The album is comprised of 11 of her father's, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, original songs freshened up a bit by Neshama. It also contains 2 original compositions, written by Neshama and her pianist partner, David Morgan. Performed almost entirely in Hebrew it is tempting to think that those of us who do not speak Hebrew will be lost. It's true that you will get lost, but not because you don't speak the language. There is something entirely spiritual about this album; it simply transcends the language barrier on every level. Although many of the songs are performed acoustically (but with a full band), it is the moments of stillness that are the most striking. "HaTov," "Shomer Yisrael" and "Return Again" (the album's lone English song) depend solely on Neshama's soft, yet powerful voice, and David Morgan's utterly brilliant piano work and you can't help but be moved. This album is an excellent example of the power of music. “

CHT Pick - "HaTov" Reviewed by Mark Fisher

“Neshama demonstrated that she had much of her father’s charisma, confidence, and musical abilities…Before long the audience was on its feet dancing.”
-Ari Goldman New York Times
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