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Danny Maseng
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Neshama Carlebach
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Neshama Carlebach, one of the leading superstars in Jewish Entertainment, is continuing the legacy established by her father Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. His deep spirituality and his love of all humanity, filled every song he wrote and touched every person he encountered as he changed the face of Jewish music.

Like her father, Neshama's talent and charisma captivate and endear her to people of all ages and backgrounds as she performs in cities all over the world. Together with producer/pianist David Morgan and her incredible band, she continues to both deeply move and entertain as she sings her father's incomparable melodies, and inspiring original compositions. An event with Neshama will uplift you and bring you the gift of songs that are danceable, singable, and unforgettable.

Neshama's sixth CD, One and One will soon be released. This recording consists of all original music with English lyrics. The title track, One and One, showcases the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir.
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